Press Coverage Guidelines

Editorial and PR Guidelines

Headline and Summary

  • Headlines should not be more than 18 words, short and accurate headlines perform better.
  • Headlines with active verbs are more appealing.
  • Headlines should be accurate in presenting the editorial or press release's content.
  • Do not use special characters or symbols in headlines. Symbols can be omitted by some of our media outlet partners.
  • Headlines should be important and recent to announce with a news angle.
  • The summary should describe the content clearly.
  • The summary should be easy to understand and presented in a few short sentences. Some of our media outlet partners might trim long summaries.

Editorial and Press Release Format

  • The editorial or press release should be between 400 and 800 words.
  • It is not recommended to use casual first person language in press releases. Write as a 3rd party and don't use "I" and "we".
  • Asking questions in press releases is not recommended, and they should read as announcements.
  • Press releases are not a way to advertise or sell your product.
  • Do not insert JavaScript or other markup languages in your editorial or press release
  • Press releases have to be formatted correctly.
  • Only use real quotes that are genuine.
  • Images and videos are attractive. However, don't exaggerate. 1 video/image per release is the norm.
  • It is not recommended to use more than one link per 200 words.
  • Contact information should be in the press release.
  • Press releases should contain the city and country of origin.
  • Editorial Press releases should contain no grammatical and spelling errors.

Topics and Content

  • Do not use SPAM related words, and spam filters will reject and delete them.
  • Use a professional tone without exaggeration.
  • Don't be a salesperson and instead be neutral.
  • Write as a third party and don't use personal pronouns such as "I" and  "we".
  • You may include 1 link for every 200 words.
  • You may include 1 image for every editorial/release.
  • The article needs to be written in English.
  • Add Press Contact information including:
  • Full Name
  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Email
  • Website Address 
It will not count to the number of words of the article.

Once your order and payment is completed, you will get a Press Coverage Template.

SquaTec and its network, partner, and media outlets do not accept editorials and releases that are:

  • related to lawsuits, especially those with negative connotations.
  • containing only opinions.
  • duplicated content.
  • promoting illegal content or activities.
  • containing profane languages.
  • promoting mortgage, pay day, cash, short-term, long-term loan services, or any other forms of financial products.
  • promoting trading software products, trading platforms, trading services, or any other products and services that involve monetary trading.
  • promoting escorts, explicit content, sexual enhancement products, or any other sexually related products or services.
  • faked news and have the intent to defame or spread rumors.
  • aiming revenge against any party.
  • promoting dating apps, dating platforms, dating sites, relationship services, or any other dating & relationship related products.
  • promoting weaponry, firearms, and armory related products and services.
  • promoting pseudoscience related product and services such as psychic reading.
  • promoting unverified and unregulated alternative treatment products or services.
  • containing radical political opinions/views.
  • topics regarding government board, agencies, ministries, policies, administrations, offices, departments and more.
  • containing radical religious opinion/view.
  • containing unauthorized stock ticker symbols.
  • promoting online gambling, online betting, and any other forms of gambling related product or services.
  • promoting any forms of alcohol and drugs.
  • promoting tobacco and e-cigs related products.
  • promoting unregulated products like green coffee, raspberry ketones, HCG, Kratom, Garcinia Cambogia, and more.
  • topics regarding illegal device unlocking, rooting or jail-breaking of devices.
  • topics regarding pirated software, cracks, APK, and more.
  • purely advertising or promotional in nature.
  • about affiliate product reviews, product reviews or trials that are excessively promotional.
  • content about supplements and weight loss.
  • promoting body modification procedures.
  • promoting unregulated cosmetics.

Disclaimer: At any circumstances, the SquaTec team reserve the right at all times and without previous notification to approve, disapprove or remove parts or all the published/submitted documents as long as it is inappropriate to be published. Any decision made by the SquaTec team shall be FINAL, and it cannot be challenged.

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