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Press Releases
and Editorials in Publications

Press Releases and Editorials in Publications for Brand Exposure

Press releases and editorials in publications increases your company's brand exposure The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief overview on the use of press releases, editorials, and other forms of media coverage by marketers. It will also discuss how these types of articles can be used, as We also offer custom solutions if you need help creating unique campaigns.
Know more why press and media coverage are essential for your business.
Traditional advertising agencies require you to pay $$$$$ for the most simple services.
After: And yes, there are many businesses that have spent over 1 million dollars on advertising without getting any results or reaching your target audience.
The biggest challenge faced by business owners is also the most overlooked marketing strategy. It is called writing a press release. However, publishing a press release is not easy. It requires experience, time and a lot of effort.
Squatec Digital Marketing is a full service agency offering effective online marketing solutions with high return. We are here to solve your press release problems for your company news or personal story. This easy-to-use press release distribution service helps you reach a relevant target audience and achieve your business goals.

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Artificial Intelligence for Press Release Writing

We are reinventing press release writing. You will no longer have to struggle with writing an effective press releases that captivate the media and attract your customers. Our AI Press Release tools are analyzing the options and propose the best newsworthy headlines, summary with your key messages, main body text and conclusion to increase chances that your story is read and picked up by journalists and editors for a follow-up featured editorial.
You can select packages in which our professional writers and editors are writing the press release and editorials for you. Simply, select, click, pay, and you are good to go.

What is a Press release?

A press release is part of a digital PR campaign and is a short document distributed by email or posted on websites such as Google News, Yahoo! News, MSN News, AOL News, and other online media outlets of:

A press release is online news and provides information about a business, organization, person, or subject. It's usually written in plain English, so anyone can understand it.
Check here the Press Release Guidelines for your Digital PR Campaign

Build Authority and Reputation with Press Releases and Editorials in Publications

How does the Press Release Service work?

A press release will build authority and reputation for yourself as an entrepreneur, social media influencer, your company, brand, products, or services.
Our clients include:
Press releases represent an important part of your social media marketing and PR strategy of establishing your brand and reputation as an industry leader. If you can successfully generate positive press for your business, you'll gain greater exposure and credibility for your products. The better you can provide interesting content to journalists, the more likely they'll be to write about you. Press releases also help you to establish links with other prominent individuals in your industry, which can help you gain exposure, industry knowledge, and more importantly valuable contacts.
For more information PR content creation, you can learn here:  How to write a press release for the press that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Create a positive image and improve your online presence to reach a wide range of media outlets with your regular news articles or news releases.
Start Now
  1. Choose Your Package - Select how many news sources you would like to be distributed to. This could include TV, Radio, Newspapers etc.
  2. Submit Your News Story
  3. Send Us A Copy or let our marketing professionals write your content pieces for you
  4. Wait And Watch
  5. Get Results
  6. You will receive a detailed report with the List of the published Sources
  7. Repeat As Needed
  • Writing an effective press release for your Digital PR Strategies. The basic package does not include the content creation.
  • Distribution to a wide variety of  publications where your story has been published.
  • Your article will be placed on 400+ news outlets and publications.
  • Detailed report
  • We know how to get the news out there to the right people, so you’ll see the results.

What's included in the Press Release service?

Who can use our Press Release Service?

Anyone! Anyone at all! Just send us your Press Release and let us do the rest. Our PR distribution network reaches hundreds of million readers every month. Google News alone has over 400 million active readers. So even if only 0.1% of them read your Press Release, that still gives you an audience of over 400'000 Readers. The people who are actually reading your press release because the headlines appealed to them, are a highly targeted audience, as they are interested in your topic. That’s enough to get qualified leads, reach out to potential customers and clients.

We also provide custom press release writing services if you need help creating an original piece of content.

Your news story will be placed in suitable media outlets and publications. The benefits are:
  1. Profiting from an extended target audience of popular news sites
  2. Brand recognition with high-quality press releases
  3. Increased traffic to your site
  4. Better search engine rankings with improved SEO metrics such as increased web traffic, no-follow links, citations, naked URL, and social media signals
  5. More exposure for your brand
  6. Increase in sales
  7. Free publicity
  8. Guaranteed quality
  9. 100% originality with zero plagiarism
  10. High visibility
  11. Fast turnaround times
  12. Money-back guarantee
  13. Full reports
  14. One stop solution

SquaTec PR team has experienced PR experts that does all the heavy lifting of getting your Press Release to the media. 

Who Can Use Our Press Release Services?

Any company looking to get their message across to the public can benefit from our services. Whether you're launching a new product, announcing a major event, promoting a charity fundraiser, or just trying to increase brand awareness, we have a distribution plan designed specifically for you.

We distribute Press Releases worldwide. We also provide editorial coverage for local community papers, trade journals, business directories, blogs, websites, and other print/online media outlets.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profits, celebrities, politicians, authors, musicians, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, social media influencers, inventors, investors, philanthropists, religious leaders, activists, entertainers, and others.
With our experience distributing press releases, we know what works and what doesn't work when it comes to reaching the masses.

Get in started for your own PR Press Release Distribution Campaign.

Become a Social Media Influencer with a Blue Badge as a Public figure being covered in the Media

Are you a social media influencer, or do you want to become one? In that case, a press release is the perfect PR strategy to become a public figure. Once you have been featured in the media, you may be approved as a public figure and receive the blue badge from social networks.

A lot of social media users will more likely follow you, and you will increase your followers fast.

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